We are a company built on referrals.

Created to meet the needs of Homeowner Associations, Ross Morgan & Company started from humble beginnings in 1982. Our first office in Studio City was comprised of a couple desks and a filing cabinet. We did not own a computer and to save space our only filing cabinet was relocated to the bathroom. We made what was a significant investment to purchase a computer which was shortly thereafter stolen due to a break-in.

Undeterred we pressed forward with a staff of two to deliver quality service to the few properties we were privileged to manage. We were determined to take great care of our existing clients in hope the word would spread.

Today we are proud to say that the word has spread. In fact 95% of our business has come from referrals.

To follow please find a brief overview of the various services we offer in order to provide our clients with the best in Community Association Management.


Our sophisticated in-house financial reporting capability includes a state-of-the-art computer system to provide our clients with complete and timely monthly financial statements. Among the many financial services we offer is budget preparation, financial analysis, forecasting, assessment billing and collection, payroll, disbursements, bookkeeping, financial planning and tax preparation.


We have a complete program of consultation for homeowner association, builders, and investors. We provide expertise in pre-construction analysis, budget planning and risk management. At Ross Morgan & Company, we specialize in the transition period from builder to association, including the initial organization of the association’s governing structure.


The professionals at Ross Morgan & Company take pride in our countless resources developed over the past 30 plus years in the homeowner association management and construction fields. We provide the communities we represent with the tools to address any challenge they may face.


We recognize that superior maintenance and property enhancements is necessary to protect the value of our clients’ investments, and our team works closely with the board to create a comprehensive maintenance schedule while setting a timeframe to address significant projects. Annually we set goals and objectives for the communities we serve as we strive to protect property value and lifestyles.


We are privileged to have some of the brightest minds in our field working for our company. Knowledge is power and training will always be a top priority at Ross Morgan. Being well educated on association living translates directly to the service we are able to provide.

Board member training sessions are available at no charge. We understand that Board members are volunteers, many of which have never had any prior experience serving a homeowners association. There is certainly a lot to grasp for a new member of the Board and we will take responsibility for Board education.


Years of interaction across multiple counties has provided us with a leading edge in dealing with and resolving complex community issues. Our wide network allows us to work closely with local leadership and government to ensure the most challenging of issues that arise are effectively tackled.