Specialized Management Software

We are pleased to offer our clients the best technology the industry has to offer. We understand that technology leads to efficiency and we invest in improving our technology every year. It all starts with the software system we run that is specifically designed for managing homeowner associations. The system is run by some of the most successful management companies in the country. As such it’s a collaborative effort to upgrade the software twice a year to remain at the forefront of the industry. There is a wealth of information available to each and every community we manage. This allows us to produce very useful reports for Board members and communities at large. We work hard to track all the detail related to association activity from both a maintenance and financial perspective so that useful management style reporting can be provided to board members for review and decision making.

Website Platforms

Every association we manage is offered a website platform. The websites are designed specially for homeowner associations in order to allow owners to view important documents online and stay updated on community affairs. If your association does not already have a functioning website this is a great place to start. Best of all we offer it for free!

Community App

We are pleased to provide every HOA we manage with a tailored mobile application at no cost! Our mobile application allows homeowners to easily access personal account information, make payments, request service, sign-up for e-statements, and review HOA information. Homeowner login credentials are unique to each owner and will be the same as those used to access the HOA web portal.

Mass Communication

In emergency situations or simply communicate an upcoming event it’s nice to be able to send a mass text message or voicemail to all residents simultaneously. This useful tool is available to all associations we manage.

Service Requests

We appreciate the importance of being able to easily get in touch with us to submit service requests. As such we accept service requests via web portals and mobile applications. All service requests are routed to our customer service team for immediate handling. The request is either addressed directly by our customer service team, or your community manager is notified of the service need for professional handling.

Cash Management

We are virtually paperless when it comes to the receipt of Association dues. Checks paid by owners are sent directly to the bank for processing and deposit information is downloaded to our system daily. We offer homeowners the ability to pay by e-check, credit card, direct debit and online bill pay. We are one of the few companies in the industry that have entered a partnership with online bill pay merchants to process online bill pay checks electronically eliminating the need to receive a paper check. This process allows for improved cash flow for operating purposes.

The paperless deposit system continues with miscellaneous checks received for items such as laundry, clubhouse rentals, keys, remotes etc. These items are not processed by manual deposit tickets but rather scanned to the bank for instantaneous deposit and improved cash flow.

Bar Coded Storage System

Storage of association records are maintained offsite through a bar coded system. This system makes it easy for associations to recall records when the need arises.

Paperless Document Retention

We go to great lengths to be paperless. Having critical documents available online benefits the associations we serve by responding to requests in a timely and efficient manner.

These are just a few of the aspects that set us apart in the technology offered. We will always invest in technology in order to better serve the properties we manage.