Having been involved in the industry of Homeowner Association Management since 1982 has allowed Ross Morgan & Company to work with some exceptional vendors. We have built long lasting relationships with these vendors as we believe they have proven over time to have the best interests of our clients at heart. We certainly appreciate all the work every vendor does for the each Association we manage and cannot over emphasize the importance of working with vendors that provide a high quality of service.

Below you will find a list of vendors we recommend by field in alphabetical order. This list is updated continuously as we encounter those vendors that stand out from the rest.

Click on the links in the table below to view vendor contact information for your category of interest:

Thermal Comfort Systems, Inc.

Phone: 818-705-4060
Fax: 818-705-3001
Email: tcs@thermalcomfortsys.com

Adams Stirling a Professional Law Corporation

Website Address:www.davisstirling.com

Beaumont Gitlin Tashjian, LLP

Phone: 866-788-9998
Fax: 818-884-1087
Website Address: www.bgtlawyers.com
Email: jbeaumont@bgtlawyers.com

Kulik, Gottesman, Siegel & Ware, LLP

Phone: 310-557-9200
Fax: 310-557-0224
Website Address: www.kgmslaw.com
Email: lsiegel@kgmslaw.com

Richardson Ober PC

Phone: 626-449-5577
Fax: 877-446-2529

Email: Kelly@richardsonober.com

Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman, Rabkin, LLP

Phone: 310-478-4100
Fax: 310-478-6363
Website Address: www.wrslawyers.com
Email: mrabkin@wrslawyers.com

Interior Carpet Care

Phone: 626-824-6101
Fax: N/A
Website Address: N/A
Email: jessrivera1040@gmail.com

Bob Ayres, CPA

Phone: 661-430-9276
Fax: 661-368-9974
Website Address: N/A
Email: raayrescpa@gmail.com

Warren Davidoff, CPA

Phone: 818-907-6622
Fax: 818-907-5336
Email: wdavidoff@rossmorganco.com

Witkin & Neal, Inc

Phone: 888-845-8808
Fax: 818-845-8844
Website Address: www.WitkinandNeal.com
Email: rosarios@witkinandneal.com

Titan Roofing & Decking Co. Inc.

Phone: 818-765-7055
Fax: 818-765-5395
Email: Andrew@TitanRoofingandDecking.com
Website: www.titanroofinganddecks.com

All Lites Co.

Phone: 818-775-9784
Fax: 818-775-9786
Website Address:www.alllites.com
Email: service@alllites.com

Electricity by R.B. Sarnelle

Morning Star Electric

Phone: 818-298-2111
Fax: 866-263-3966
Website Address: www.morningstarelectric.com
Email: morningstarelectric@yahoo.com

Fraker Fire Protection, Inc.

Phone: (805) 777-7015
Fax: (805) 777-7021
Website Address: www.frakerfire.com
Email: dfraker@frakerfire.com

O.B. Neumann, Inc

Phone: 310-466-4203
Fax: 310-839-4247

CMR Construction

Phone: 818-470-9360
Fax: 661-288-1296
Email: michaelgill44@msn.com
Website: www.cmrconst.com

Eden Maintenance, Inc.

Eden Maintenance Inc.
Phone: 818-235-4552
Email: edenmaint@gmail.com

R.M. Building Maintenance, Inc

Phone: 818-262-3094
Fax: 818-907-0527
Email: rmbuilding@rossmorganco.com

SMS Generators, Inc.

SMS Generators, Inc.
Office Phone: (818) 361-2151
Fax: (818) 709-9006
Email: dan@smsgenerators.com
Website Address: www.smsgenerators.com


Phone: 310-410-1200
Fax: 310-410-1210
Website Address: www.out-fit.net
Email: cfisher@out-fit.net

Cline Agency Insurance Brokers

Phone: 800-966-9566
Fax: 800-736-3830
Website Address: www.www.clineagency.com
Email: info@clineagency.com

LaBarre/Oksnee Insurance Agency

Phone: 800-346-1077
Fax: 760-346-4269
Website Address: www.hoains.com
Email: carolf@hoa-insurance.com

Scott Litman Insurance Agency

Phone: 818-879-5980
Fax: 818-879-5990
Email: scott@scottlitmaninsurance.com

Steve Segal Insurance Agency

Phone: 818-841-0553
Fax: 818-841-2759
Email: steve@segalins.com

Allegra Professional Group

Phone: 626-274-1535
Website Address: www.AllegraPro.com
Email: laura@allegrapro.com

Eden Maintenance, Inc.

Eden Maintenance Inc.
Phone: 818-235-4552
Email: edenmaint@gmail.com

K & P Janitorial Services, Inc

Phone: 310-540-8878
Fax: 310-540-9569
Website Address: www.kandpjanitorial.com
Email: info@KandPjanitorial.com

The Cleaning Lady Co.

Phone: 800-279-4311
Fax: 818-879-8058
Website Address: www.thecleaningladycompany.com
Email: info@thecleaningladycompany.com

Enhanced Landscape Management, Inc

Phone: 805-469-7688
Fax: 805-557-2738
Email: Greg@EnhancedLandscape.com

M & R Landscape, Inc

Phone: 805-529-4779
Fax: 805-529-4234
Website Address: www.mrlandscapers.com
Email: info@mrlandscapers.com

Tajo Landscape

Phone: 661-222-7908
Fax: 661-222-7982
Email: tajolandscape@aol.com

Wash Multifamily Laundry Systems

Phone: 800-421-6897
Fax: N/A
Website Address:www.washlaundry.com
Email: gmoumaji@washlaundry.com

Fun Guy Inspection & Consulting

Phone: 818-674-7541
Fax: 310-933-0242
Website Address: www.funguyinspections.com
Email: Robert@funguyinspections.com

Allbright Painting, Inc.

Website Address:www.allbrightpainting.com

Select Painting & Construction, Inc.

Phone: 800-493-8724
Fax: 661-268-0900
Website Address: www.select-painting.com
Email: bruno@select-painting.com

Snow White Painting

Phone: 818-421-3996
Fax: 310-886-0166
Website Address: www.snowwhitepainting.com
Email: kim@snowwhitepainting.com

Trifecta Painting & Construction

Phone: 818-388-1465
Email: AllanL@TrifectaPC.com
Website: www.TrifectaPC.com

Higgins Termite Inc.

Phone: 818-768-2614
Fax: 818-768-7983
Website Address: www.higginstermite.com
Email: toni@higginstermite.com

Pest Options,Inc

Phone: 818-449-3642
Fax: 714-224-7383
Email: Tracy@pestoptions.com

Wildlife Management Professionals, Inc.

Phone: 805-578-3454
Fax: 805-578-3448
Website Address: www.wildlifemp.com
Email: tspillman@wildlifemp.com

Power Plumbing

Phone: 818-753-0529
Fax: 818-753-5867
Email: info@powerplumb.com
Website: www.powerplumbingshop.com

Southern California Pools

Phone: 818-832-0067
Fax: 888-645-4490
Website Address: www.socalpools.com
Email: info@socalpools.com

Prestigious Rain Gutters

Phone: 818-993-0493
Fax: 818-363-2004

Association Reserves, Inc

Phone: 800-733-1365
Fax: 800-733-1581
Website Address: www.reservestudy.com
Email: rnordlund@reservestudy.com

Reserve Studies Incorporated

Phone: 800-485-8056
Fax: (800) 485-8057
Website Address: www.ReserveStudiesInc.com
Email: Info@ReserveStudiesInc.com

Adco Roofing

Phone: 818-505-9272
Fax: 818-505-9824
Website Address: www.adcoroofing.com
Email: andrew@adcoroofing.com

Antis Roofing & Waterproofing

Phone: (949) 461-9222
Fax: (949) 461-9244
Email: info@antisroofing.com
Website: www.antisroofing.com

August Roofing, Inc

Phone: 805-498-8350
Fax: 805-498-8086
Website: www.augustroofing.com
Email: chris@augustroofing.com

Matrix Roofing & Waterproofing

Phone: 877-344-1044
Fax: 818-804-3369
Email: slava@matrixroofingcompany.com
Website: www.matrixroofingcompany.com

Titan Roofing & Decking Co. Inc.

Phone: 818-765-7055
Fax: 818-765-5395
Email: Andrew@TitanRoofingandDecking.com
Website: www.titanroofinganddecks.com

Archon Protection Inc.

Phone: 800-274-5717
Fax: 800-274-5717
Website: www.archonprotection.com
Email: timlangan@archonprotection.com

Global Security Concepts

Email: shiza@gscsecurity.com
Website: www.gscsecurity.com


The Centurion Group

Phone: 800-721-4996
Fax: 818-755-0728
Website Address: www.centuriongroup.com
Email: steven@tcgla.com

General Pavement Management, Inc.

Phone: 800-834-8488
Fax: 805-933-0882
Website Address: https://www.gpmpavement.com
Email: pirelan@gpmpavement.com

KCE Matrix Inc.

Phone: 818-500-0355
Fax: 818-500-8580
Email: vkardjian@kcematrixinc.com
Website: www.kcematrix.com

BrightView Tree Care Services, Inc.

Phone: 310 327 8700
Fax: 310 327 8767
Website: www.brightview.com
Email: Dustin.Gilbert@Brightview.com


M & R Landscape, Inc

Phone: 805-529-4779
Fax: 805-529-4234
Website Address: www.mrlandscapers.com
Email: info@mrlandscapers.com

Newbury Park Tree Service

Phone: 805-498-7841
Fax: 805-499-7072
Email: dlaptree@yahoo.com

Mold & Water Damage Specialist, Inc

Phone: 800-315-8950
Fax: 818-891-8231
Website Address: www.moldandwaterdamagespecialistinc.com
Email: mwdspecialistinc@verizon.net

Servpro of Encino/Sherman Oaks

Phone: 818-995-6444
Fax: 818-995-6449
Website Address: www.servproencinoshermanoaks.com
Email: darryn@servprowestcoast.com