Ross Morgan & Company is a leader in the field of property management of Homeowners Associations. We are part of an elite group of Community Association Management Companies who have earned the Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) designation from Community Associations Institute (CAI). Through hard work, employee longevity and dedication to industry training Ross Morgan is 1 of only 170 management companies in the United States of which there are more than 10,000, who have earned the highest level of professional recognition in the Community Association field.

A manager’s portfolio is dependent on the size of the properties in units/or homes. The larger the property in units/homes will mean the manager will have less properties in his/or her portfolio. Most managers in our office operate with an assistant manager to allow for continuous back-up and typically work with a portfolio of 5 – 10 properties.

The properties we manage are condominiums, townhomes and planned developments. We do not manage investment properties. We are 100% dedicated to the management of Homeowner Associations.

Each property we manage is assigned a team of our industry specialists: an assigned Certified Community Manager, administrative support staff, an assigned accounts payable representative, an assigned finance representative, and our billing department. Our Director of Property Managers—PCAM—supervises assigned managers’ activities and is available as a consultant if needed and our CPA on staff, ensures the financials are structured in accordance with Civil Code and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). We also maintain a customer department headed by seasoned certified community managers, who cover managers who out in the field or on vacation, etc.

All of our community managers are in various levels of certification and enrolled in Community Association Institute’s Management Development Program, with CMCA, AMS and PCAM designations. With our team approach to management, the manager assigned to your Association will be highly knowledgeable and backed up by administrative and accounting support. Upon selection of your assigned manager a more in depth management background will be discussed, as you will have an opportunity to meet your prospective manager.

Yes, comprehensive financial reports are received by the 15th of each month. A demo financial packet is available upon request through the proposal process.

Ross Morgan & Company recommends a proactive late fee and collections policy. A late fee is applied to any account that is late past the 15th of the month, unless the documents of the HOA provide otherwise. If an account continues in a delinquent status we highly recommend beginning the legal timeline, which begins with preparation and mailing of pre-lien letter documentation after 45 days of non-receipt of payment. If not payment is received for another 30 days following the initiation of the pre-lien, the Board will have an opportunity to vote to place a lien on the account in an open meeting. Should the account continue in arrears, at $1,800 or more, or one year delinquent, the Board can vote in an executive session to start foreclosure proceeding on the unit, through non-judicial foreclosure or judicial foreclosure. Your community manager can help facilitate these steps along the way in each case.

Ross Morgan & Company has an Escrow Department that handles all of these requests. There are applicable fees that cover for the processing of sales which include interfacing with the escrow company, buyer, seller and real estate agents as well as providing documents requested and ensuring the HOA receives all assessments due at the close of escrow. The fees are billed to the seller at market rates.

Ross Morgan & Company does provide a HOA website option at no charge to your Association. The website offers a useful tool to provide information to owners such as announcements, governing documents, financials and meeting minutes.

Yes. RM Building and Maintenance, Inc. is an independent corporation under a licensed, fully insured and bonded general contractor, whose general maintenance services are billed at $45-$65 per hour dependent on task, plus materials. Being a general contracting firm also, no job is too small or too large. RM Building solely works on properties managed by Ross Morgan thus eliminating a risk of the HOA not being completely satisfied with work performed. They offer free property inspections and can also provide baseline bids for any of your property construction needs.

Our goal will always be to meet the budget of the Association. We will speak to about your service needs and work through pricing with you. In our industry most management companies will charge close to the same monthly fee. It’s the service offered in caring for your home or investment property that will set Ross Morgan & Company apart for the same price you would pay anywhere else!

  • The company and its employees should be members of a trade group that is working to improve industry standards, such as the Community Associations Institute.
  • Visit the company’s facilities. Check for yourself and assess the overall organization of the office.
  • Meet your prospective manager and members of the management team to be assigned to your property
  • Learn about the internal checks and balances are in place to safeguard Association funds
  • If the company is quoting fees substantially below the competition, find out why. Rates charged by management companies should not vary greatly.
  • Always check references by calling other Association Board members and industry professionals such as HOA lawyers about the performance of the company.