People looking to move are not only searching for the right home but a great community to go with it. Associations can keep the demand for their community high by developing their external marketing, branding and outreach. Here are a few tips:

Create a Marketing Committee

Reach out to residents in your community that have marketing experience and see if they would be willing to serve on a Marketing Committee. Have the committee develop a plan for marketing outside of the community.

Budget for marketing

Create a line item within your budget for marketing. Choose how much you would like to allocate to marketing based off of the Association’s current financial standing and what your marketing goals are

Research your community’s reputation

What made the original homeowners choose your community? What is your association known for? Determining how your community has been viewed in the past can help you decide what you want your community brand to look like moving forward.

Plan for the future

As your community ages and changes over time, adapt your marketing plan to reflect the current times.