SHERMAN OAKS, CA (July11, 2016) – ROSS MORGAN & COMPANY, INC. a full service Los Angeles, California based property management firm, is excited to have identified a new source of utility revenue for HOAs. After approximately 18 months of research and development, we have concluded that this is a unique opportunity to generate additional revenue across our portfolio. During the first 6 months of 2016 the program was beta tested with a small group of 10 associations and has successfully generated over $250,000 for these communities.

Per Brian Davidoff, CEO “it’s only a matter of time before this program is rolled out with the potential to add over $2,000,000 directly into the operating budgets of the communities we serve”. This will be a welcome change to the many of our clients as they take advantage of a previously untapped revenue source to build operating and reserve funds without the need to incur a dues increase or special assessment.


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