SHERMAN OAKS, CA (January 29, 2017) – ROSS MORGAN & COMPANY, INC. a full service Los Angeles, California based property management firm, is pleased to announce that in 2016 utility audits generated over $200,000 in expense reductions for associates we manage, much of the savings representing recurring monthly savings to be enjoyed for years to come.

Across associations we manage we recognize that utilities are often the largest uncontrollable expense. If gas, electric, telephone, water, sewer or trash rates increase, the HOA is stuck footing the bill. Even if rates remain constant, seasonal weather extremes or changes in consumption can cause wide fluctuations. Most people, no matter how sophisticated, rarely have the intricate understanding of utility operations to effectively question the validity of telephone or utility bills.

In order to help combat this and gain better control over utility expenses we are auditing utility expenses. There are variety of factors that cause mistakes and overcharges on utility bills including:

-Misread and/or miscalibrated meters

-Incorrect rate schedule applications

-Charges for equipment that was never installed or that has been removed

-Misread meter multipliers

-Incorrect meter size service charges

-Errors in utility tax applications

-Overestimated demand readings

The objective of the audit is to generate better cash flow for the association over the long term and convert utility costs from an uncontrolled expense to controlled budget line items.


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