Janette, Krysti & Chris,


I’ve been on the board of our HOA for several years now and worked with 2 other property management companies before Ross Morgan. Getting an insurance quote this quickly (within a week) would have been laughably impossible with the previous companies we worked with. I was sourcing quotes, bids, and vendors myself for pretty much every issue we ever had.


I just wanted to write you all a note to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work and attention to detail on everything we’ve requested, from big things like insurance and emergency repairs to the small minutiae like ordering light bulbs. Property management is not easy, and I’m sure you have a million things on your plate every day for all the communities you manage, but I have never once felt that any issue we had was a “back burner” for you, no matter how small.


You’ve made my life SO much easier. Just know that you and your work are VERY VERY appreciated. Please feel free to forward to your managers and/or the owners of the company, because they deserve to know what a great staff they have.