I am president of an HOA of 24 units.  We hired Ross Morgan in 2019.  Alec and Arlet took over as our management team in 2021.

Alec and Arlet have been indispensable in helping to manage our HOA. None of the board members had past experience in running an HOA, and Alec and Arlet’s extensive experience in managing HOA’s and their knowledge of the many rules/laws involving HOAs in LA/California has been extremely helpful on a regular basis. They are very responsive to questions and issues that come up, responding quickly during the day.  The companies they have recommended for us for resolving maintenance and building issues have been very good and the vast majority have wound up as regular vendors for us. They are very good at communication with the owners/tenants in the building and serve as authoritative buffer between owners (which can sometimes be difficult) and the board members.

I strongly recommend Alec and Arlet as property managers and am sure you will have as good experience with them as we have.


Carl Larson

President/Treasurer Fair South Homeowners Association