After many years of being “self-managed,” our condo association board of directors concluded that trying to properly manage the daily operations and finances of the Association required nearly the equivalent of a full-time job for at least one of our volunteer board members. As conditions, needs, and circumstances changed over time in our community, self-management became entirely unsustainable. Recognizing that our Association would need to transition to professional management, the board interviewed a number of highly rated companies to find a management company that would meet our unique needs while keeping within our budget. After a two-year search, the board was not enthused about any of the companies we had interviewed. Finally, a friend of mine, who is a board member of another homeowner association, recommended Ross Morgan Company. This turned out to be the property management company we had been looking for.

Ross Morgan Company has proven to be a great asset to our Association, especially with Alec Schechter as our Community Manager. The cost of their (nearly) ’all inclusive’ service is little more than we had paid previously for fewer services from scattered individuals. Their service has proven to be timely and efficient, augmented by appropriate suggestions for specific vendors and board actions when necessary. Possibly of even more consequence, Ross Morgan Co. has pointed out mistakes and oversights our board had made in the past, violations or misinterpretations of law for which the Association could have been answerable. In addition to the day-to-day management, our Community Manager keeps us updated on changes in the law and our legal requirements, as well. I wholeheartedly recommend Ross Morgan Company as a professional property management resource.


Cliff Bender, Past Board Member and Secretary,

Park Alhambra Homeowners Association