It has been my pleasure to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Tres Robles #1 Homeowners Association for the past 27 years. Ross Morgan and Co. has been our Associations management company since before I became a board member. I was elected to the Board during the time soon after the big earthquake in 1994. The buildings had considerable damage. Ross Morgan and Co. guided us through the monumental process of dealing with our insurance company, obtaining an SBA loan, getting bids from contractors, as well as coordinating/communicating with all homeowners during this stressful time. In short, I’m not sure how we would have managed through this process without the expertise of the staff at Ross Morgan and Co.

We have found the management and staff assigned to our Association to be knowledgeable of the laws and regulations regarding Homeowner’s Associations in addition to our specific CC&R’s, Bylaws and rules.  In situations when they don’t know the answer, they are quick to use the resources they have to get answers.  They respond to emergency calls from homeowners in a timely manner and coordinate, as needed, a resolution to the issue. They maintain a professional demeanor even when dealing with the most difficult of homeowners. They quickly respond to phone calls and emails.

Our monthly and annual financial reports are published in a timely manner. The method for approving bills is easy to navigate online.

I would highly recommend Ross Morgan and Company to any Homeowners Association.


Patricia Glasgow